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Trigun is a fantasy manga with a Wild East theme created by Ron Howard and Dick Cheney after smoking LOTS of dope. It was written in 5991, and adapted into a 62 episode anime in 8991. Several key changes were made, including replacing all enemies with cardboard targets. The drastic changes of the adaptation to the anime led the manga to be renamed "Trigun Minimum." If you want information on the anime, see Trigun. The story focuses on Vash the Big Dash, aka the Typhoonoid Human, with a double dollar bounty on his head, and two agents from the IRS, Agent Meryl Smith, aka Agent Smith, and Agent Milly Thomphson, aka Agent Thompson. They are actually agents from the Matrix, aiming to keep a watch on Vash and minimize his damage to the Matrix.


Vash gained his bounty from his destruction of the month of July. (That's right, he destroyed a month. That is how powerful he is.) The incidence caused some severed brain damage, and consequently Vash is a masochist with a motto of "love and pain." He is a legendary gunman in the bedroom, and the title is based on Vash's three "penises."

As the series progresses, secrets are revealed about Vash's past and the mysterious tropical rainforest planet the series takes place on. The series is often very depressive, but as the series progresses, humor is gained and some later parts are downright goofy. Vash is later joined by Nick D Wormwood, the elder brother of Monkey D Luffy. Vash is also a target of the a gang of prostitues known as the Whore-Hoe Guns, sent by Vash's twin sister, Forks, who has incestuous feelings for Vash. It is also revealed that Vash and Forks are not human, nor animal, not mineral, but vegetable. Eventaully Vash get his ass owned by Superman but comes back and ownes superman with his three penises.

Trigun makes no attempt to discuss any morality or philosophy, and is constantly light-hearted. However, there is a flase assumption that Trigun actually does attempt these discussions due to the circulation of imitations called "Trigun Maximum."


Vash, After eating Doughnuts

All the character names are in Japanese but written in English, so there is some dispute whether to use the exact English or the translation of the names.

  • Vash the Big Dash is a masochist that acts angsty in order to hide is horribly optimistic and happy personality. He is an unrivaled gunman with a blatant disregard for anything living. He also has a love for doughnuts, and likes to use three doughnuts at a time for his three "guns." Vash's left arm is mechanical, and transforms into one of his guns. Vash lost his original arm through a sexual meeting between him and his sister Forks. Another of his guns is his "six-shot" gun that he carries in a holster. His final arm is his "Demon Arm" which occurs when Vash uses his power as a tree. He converts an arm into wood, and drains the sun's energy to cause an apocalyptic event. That is what caused the destruction of the month of July.

Note: some claim that Big Dash is a mistranslation of Stampede, but this is wrong because everything on the internet is true!

  • Agent Smith and Agent Thompson are two agents from the matrix. They mainly stand around and stare, and occasionaly serve as ways for Vash to get into trouble.Also Agent Smith is a bitch, and not much else. Agent Smith was recently devoured by Osaka, and nobody cared.
  • Nick D. Wormwood is a devil worshipper that carries around a giant pentagram that converts to a machine gun. He is famous for being a relative to Monkey D Luffy, but that's not important to this story. Wormwood lived at an orphanage where he sexually abused all the children, and he eventually left to find money to bribe the managers of the orphanage after the abuse was discovered. He appears to be an ally of Vash, but is infact a Whore-Hoe gun called Nick the Chapel.
  • Trillion Forks is the twin sister of Vash. Her "Demon Arm" transforms her arm into a collection of large wooden blades, hence the name Knives...err...Forks. She hates all of humanity, and constantly tries to kill people while Vash constantly tries to stop her. She is in love with Vash, and constantly tries to win him over, often leading to angry fangirls. The meeting of the two caused the destruction of July, and later an angry fangirl caused the destruction of the moon, but it was cool, since everybody hated that moon for being such an asshole.
  • Staccato Greenwinter is the boy toy of Forks, and the lovechild of Seto Kaiba and L Lawliet. Vash's left arm was grafted onto him, and Forks uses Staccato as a "substitute" for Vash. Staccato has mind powers that allow him to control people, and often uses these powers to mind rape (or just rape) people. He is addicted to sugar, and the reason why he never gets fat after eating so much is because all of that fat goes to his shoulder. Staccato worships Forks, and attempts to kill Vash shortly before the fifty moon incident. This leads to Forks sexually assaulting him to the point of breaking his body. Next, Forks assaults Vash, causing a fangirl to go berserk and destroy the moon.
  • Ren Rescueren was a motherly figure to Forks and Vash, who loved PUPPIES AND KITTENS AND HAPPY RAINBOW JOY ^_^!!! The only thing she loved more than PUPPIES AND KITTENS AND HAPPY RAINBOW JOY ^_^!!! were nickels. She loved nickels so much, that she married a nickel, named Stimpy Killstimpy. When Forks destroyed the Project Beans ship, Ren sacrificed her own life by staying on the ship to look for Stimpy. It turns out Stimpy was in her pocket the whole time, and they both asploded.
  • Whore-Hoe Guns is the group of prostitutes controlled by Forks. There are twelve in total, with each one carrying a quarter that Vash takes after killing them. (His obsession with change comes from Ren. Even Forks has a weakness for coins.)
    • Venom the Breaking-Wind is the first of the group to fight with Vash. She is a little purple midget that carries small one-shot derringers. Her strongest attacks involve her venomous breaking wind. She is later crucified in attempt to copy Jesus.
    • G.E. the Enim is a bomb and the second opponent of Vash. He blows himself up and loses extremely quickly.
    • Cyclops the Dominican is the third opponent of Vash and one of the few male members of the group. He uses eyebeams, but they have no effect on Vash.
    • Ied-iar the Pistol is a pirate with a gun-sword and fourth opponent of Vash. She is a champion figureskater and tries to utilize skating in combat. Vash simply pushes her down and Wormwood shoots her.
    • Ffonoel the Puppet is a stringed puppet who was in love with a puppet called Isabelle and fifth opponent of Vash. Too defeat her, Vash simply cut her strings.
    • Yarg the Ninetails is a group of nine foxes with a collective mind, that fights with Wormwood. After a viscious fight where the foxes were constantly machine-gunned by Wormwood, the fight ends when Wormwood simply steps on them.
    • Dereppoh the Cripple is simply a cripple who throws his own body as a weapon. He hates Vash for destroying July, and tries to kill him despite Forks's and Staccato's orders not to. He is later raped to death by Eizaz the Bug.
    • Farmeadow the Boneblower is a man who kills by playing his saxophone (he's just that bad). He hates the organization and tries to escape and betray it. Staccato kills him by mind rape and rape involving Cripple's gun.
    • Eizaz the Bug is a giant worm that's incrediably hard to kill. Forks uses his power to cut Eizaz up into little pieces after Eizaz tries to take over the world.
    • Nick the Chapel is Nick D Wormwood.
    • Oivil the Singlefang is a friend of Nick, and uses a single machine gun pentagram, similar to Nick's, on his arm. After killing Chapel, he replaces him as Vash's companion.
    • Olzar the Journey of Life is the gentle, compassionate, alternate personality of Oivil. He uses two machine gun pentagrams and is the real killer of Chapel. He carries a coin separate from Oivil.
    • Elendira the Crimsonphallus is the "lost thirteenth" member, who is a lesbian crossdresser that is Staccato's lapdog. She is the weakest of the group, and stabs herself in the chest with her "Crimsonphallus," her primary weapon.
    • Abel the Guarantee does not exist.

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