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A seemingly unknown entity, who has supposed control of seven seas… which historians forgot to define just which seas those were. There is little evidence pointing towards the actual existence of this creature, who is apparently half man half fish. Those who believe in evolution would latch onto this non-existent being as some sardistical madman, i mean missing link. Other religions would have you believe that any sensible god would not make such a hiddous creation. However there are those that worship entities most similar. Disney would have you believe he fathered a child by the name of ariel, "the little mermaid", without mother. Futher more it was suggested that if the so-called demigod, Triton, did exist he was probably related to Nessy-that is Lochness monster. Perhaps one of the most far-fetched ideas is that Triton is the grandson of Neptune, Zeus's brother, and the nephew of Hercules. But all of this is merely speculation, and should not be taken to seriously. If you do, however, wish to grab on to threads, try following Nessy...shes related to Triton.