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Oh f**k...

“Yes, 780 splash damage.”

“What? All I did was go to the swimming baths...”

~ Ralphie May on Tsunami

Tsunami (also known as 津波、つなみ in ancient Greek, derived from the Japanese words "nami" for wave and "tsu" for run like hell), also known as God's Money Shot, is a scientific term that describes large waves created when the Moon is at its closest point to the Earth (or its apogee), creating large tidal waves cleverly known as tidal waves. They have also been known to have been formed by whale flatulence causing mass disturbance in bodies of open water. Tsunamis can travel around the world in less than 54 minutes, providing a fast yet cheap form of transport in several undeveloped countries.


Tsunamis are extremely important economically as they warm coastal regions worldwide by attracting large numbers of high spending surfers to these parts every year. Up to 300,000 surfers have been known to hit the beaches of the Maldives and Sri Lanka during one event and on the western coast of Japan, towns and cities have even had to build walls in the past to prevent mass numbers of Samurai surfers invading. Only the most weary of surfers take part in tsunami surfing, however, as tsunamis have proven to be fatal in the past with several colonies of crabs being killed every year. Sometimes they are known to flood and devastate communities too, the Maldives, Atlantis, Sri Lanka, New Orleans and North Uist in the Western Isles of Scotland being classic examples.

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Other Facts[edit]

  • The world's largest recorded tsunami was 1 billion feet tall and spotted in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia in 3088.
  • The world's smallest tsunami was was created in a cup of green Tea in Japan at the aproach of godzilla in 1956.
  • The World Tsunami Surfing Championships are held in Osaka, Japan every four years.
  • Since 1955, 15.3bn crabs have been killed as the result of tsunamis.
  • In 2004, George Lucas released a film entitled Tsunami: 2004. The film chronicled the events of poor Asian people and the aftermath of the tragically awesome event. The film received worldwide critical acclaim and has gone on to become one of the highest grossing films of all time. Because of the massive success, a sequel is currently in production. Though no official plot has been given, it is said to take place in the mid-Atlantic. Closetcase and leader of the cult of Scientology Tom Cruise has expressed interest in playing a role in the film.
  • Scientists also predict a tsunami in your home within 10 days.
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Derived from the Japanese words "nami" for wave and "tsu" for Run like hell