Tug of war

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A guy playing tug of war with a helicopter. The guy is winning.

The tug of war is the ultimate last resort to determine the might of opposing sides in a duel or on the battlefield. The age of the competition is uncertain, but some records indicate a form of it may have existed during the time of the Roman Empire.


Love and war have rules and the tug of war is no exception.

  • The two sides face each other. A line is drawn between the teams.
  • A large rope of a strong fiber, such as Zylon PBO, is draped between the opposing sides.
  • The two teams then start pulling on the rope at the same time. They may use personnel, tanks, rockets, etc. to pull the rope. The only restriction is that the rope may not be secured to the ground itself.
  • A winner is declared when any of the members of a team are pulled over the line. The opposing team wins. This win is absolute and the losing side may not start attacking.

Highlights of the History of the Tug of War[edit]


  • One variation includes tying several ropes together to have three or more in a single competition. This technique tends to produce a lot of losers and few winners.