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Carthagenian Empire of Tunisia

Cliche kitty.jpg

Official language 1337
Capital Tunic
Largest City Lebanon
Population Currentley 13 (11 teachers, 1 cat, 1 elephant)
Emperor Mohammed bin Ahmed bin mullah bin oussama bin hamdi
National Heroes Hamilcar Barca, Hannibal,
Established 1945, then again in 2000
Independence From Rome never
Religion pagan, teacher sacrifice
Currency elephants
National anthem O NOES!
National Sports Fighting Rome
NATIONAL ANIMAL The Tunisian Ass Worm

Tunecia is a country in AFRICA, known for its cold climate all year round, bloons (no, srsly, look it up!) , modern Islamo-fascist government, and its zinc.

Zinc is the primary meal of Tunisians


Up until about 1000AD, Tunecia had no human inhabitants. Aside from several thousand reindeer, and large caverns filled with zinc, Tunisia really had nothing much at all. One day, while taking his dog for a walk, Mohammed Torvalds got lost and ended up in this cold land. Impressed by the abundance of reindeer and large amount of zinc, Mohammed decided to found a socialist-democratic Islamic republic. 2 weeks later, all the reindeer were dead, a large zinc industry was formed, and Tunecia had a population of over 100,000 people and a very popular demo scene.

1700 Tunecia was invaded by the Ottoman empire, who introduced the Tunisians to tobacco. The then high life expectancy instantly dropped to about 25 years for men, and 34.2 years for women.

1900 A large meteor struck Tunisia, killing the last of the great Mammoth heards.

19something Mr. Adams (you'll know the reasons later) who at the time was a peace corps leader, was also the Tunisian Freak Daddy over there. Always walking them girls down the mediterranean, already! Now Mr. Adams is living a second life away from Tunisia in Texas as an English teacher, already!

2005 An article appeared on uncyclopedia about Tunisia, teaching many about this small, unique, zinc-filled country.

2006 Tunisia wins Germany 2006 World cup

2008 George W. Bush declares war on Tunisia, declaring that they "stole his ghost-in-a-bottle."

2010 Mysterious teachers appeared...

The Future...WHO CARES!!!


  • Most homes in Tunisia are made out of zinc
  • Zinc avec Couscous is the primary food of most Tunisians.
  • People in Tunisia never sleep.
  • .....Nor do they eat.
  • Tunisians are all asexual, but they don't know hence the population.....
  • Bambi was Tunisian.
  • Study's shown that all good teathers comes form Tunisia...

Famous Tunisians[edit]

  • Hannibal The Carthagainian (the one with the elephants, idiotic fact for ignorant American audience)
  • Hannibal the cannibal (Not really a carthagainian, just there to make stupid uncyclopedia joke for the same Americans as mentioned above, that only have references that doesn't go beyond trashy TV)
  • Hasdrubal, Son of Hannibal
  • Habib "Mighty Leader allmighty" Bourgiba
  • Zine El Abidine Ben Ali "All mighty leader of the present time" Ben Ali
  • Fatma Bousseha
  • Me
  • Camel The douchebag camel.
  • St. Augustine of Hippo
  • St. Angus of Hippopotamus
  • That guy who's looking out for scamming tourists.