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Turbanestan, also nick-named Khalistan, is a virtual country that consists of the intimate sphere of every person who wears a turban. Wherever a turban bearer goes, Turbanestan arises (not at all hard to understand if you understand the basic principles of Quantum mechanics).


Typical Turban emigre in California victimized in Turbanestan for wearing a turban under the 4' statutory height mandated by the state for all citizens regardless of their class, color, creed or religion

Turbanestan was founded in 13th April 1699 by Guru Nanak. This political event was the result of many hundred years of agitation for Turbulence by the Turban Independence Movement (TIM) of Punjab. Lethally tired of the never ending religious debates of that time the TIMs concluded that neither the Muslims nor the Hindus nor Buddhism nor Jainism nor Animism nor Communism nor any other religion had the sufficient amount of wits nor Gods nor Satans nor Oscar Wildes nor Chuck Norrises to finish the other off in any divine manner; the TIM's decided to become a spiritual fighting force themselves. Unfortunately all available religious Turing numbers had already been bagged at the time, so the Turbans (citizens of Turbanestan; affectionately also called "Sikhs" or "Humble Followers") developed an efficient state theory (instead of a new but obviously redundant theology) to earn an identity: an act that no caste in India has still really have forgiven them for (but nobody cares).


Cricketer Harbhajan Singh dropped from the official Turbanestan cricket team after he let his hair drop in a mop and, worse, coloured it blonde

The Law of Turbanestan only consists of 15 commands: 14 concern how to tie the turban the right way. So many others wear turbans but a turban's turban should be distinguishable at first sight - that being the objective. The only other command worth mentioning is the obligation to always carry a pocket knife (good enough to fool and scare 99% of humanity - Hey! I got a bigger one downstairs! Make my day!) in order to protect the Turbanestan territory. The Geneva convention states that political sovereignty depends on the ability to control the exertion of violence inside one's territorial boundary: something that for the intimate sphere of a turban carrier can be easily maintained with a simple pocket knife.


No goods at all are manufactured in Turbanestan since material assets rarely stay a sufficient time inside the state border. Instead Turbans support themselves as public servants and lego soldiers for other states administrations and armies. As such they are known to be as skillful as treacherous. Many are those who have ended their days stabbed in the back by another Turban (war can be declared as soon somebody without a prober applied tourist visa enters the Turbanistan territory).

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