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The turnip war was infamous incident between two (now defunct) websites: iloveturnips.com and turnipsareevil.com. Popular opinion has it that some of the members from the I Love Turnips website spammed the Turnips Are Evil message boards, and posted a number of exploits that ruined the layout of the forums making them unreadable (the people behind I Love Turnips would later deny any affiliation with those who carried this out, claiming they had registered on their site only days before the incident).

After turnipsareevil.com was back up and running they began a lengthy campaign against I Love Turnips, including running a number of articles on their front page personally attacking the website creators. One article allegedly showed an IRC log of an administrator from I Love Turnips saying that they didn't even really like turnips and only joined the site in order to meet hot girls. In turn, I Love Turnips ran a number of stories claiming they had received threatening phone calls, junk mail and that their email addresses had been signed up to a number of free adult subscription services, including a fetish site about vegetables.


Sometime later, a hacker going by the name Pofos, claiming to be from Turnips Are Evil (although, again, this was later denied by the website), defaced the iloveturnips.com front page by changing all the images of turnips to ones of aubergines. They also posted an article purportedly from the website authors, admitting responsibility for the initial spamming of the Turnips Are Evil message boards and saying that they were now going to concentrate on a “less crap vegetable”. In response, iloveturnips.com filed a lawsuit against the owners of turnipsareevil.com, although this was later dropped.


The feud seemed to die down for a while, until a virus started appearing on popular instant messaging programs and IRC called turnipsrule.exe. It was revealed that the virus was designed to deliver a distributed denial of service attack against iloveturnips.com. The virus never managed to bring down the I Love Turnips website, and that about marked the end of the affair.


There are some strong conspiracy theories surrounding the so called Turnip Wars. Many people believe that both sites were run by the same people, and all the incidents were manufactured by them in order to gain publicity. Another popular theory hypothesises that the entire episode was instigated by two bored students affiliated with neither website, on their summer holidays, as some kind of sociology/psychology experiment.

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