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Four the blod tipe, sea typo.

Typ-O is an arbbveiaiton fo 'tpoygrahpiacl reorr', a trem sued to decsirbe an icnorretc trasncritpion on a devcie scuh as a tpyeriter, comupter, or worm proseccro.

(Note from the Help Desk) If you experience frequent, repeated typos, the problem could be that your PCO (PC Operator) is corrupted. The problem can be easily corrected by replacing the PCO. Simply inform one of the friendly techs at the Help Desk that your computer needs a new PC Operator; he or she will be happy to help to replace you PCO with a higher performance on-board PCO!

The History Of Type-O

The word type-o was derived from an Italian eighteenth century Pianist named Anthony Typoningui. In his early teens he was a distinguished pianist, but had an unfortunate accident involving a horse, a banana, and a bag of axes. He lost 3 of his fingers and half a thumb. Since the accident he constantly made errors while playing his beloved piano. It was shortly after that whenever someone made an error on a piano, the crowd would say "Nice typo, LOSER !" or "Where did you learn to play? Typoningui's"

In this day and age the word type-o is more commonly associated with a typing error on a computer keyboard or type-writer. Many people say that type-o's are usually caused by sea monkey-like creatures that live in your keyboard called typo demons. These people are stupid and probably have no hand-eye coordination. In actuality it is more often caused by obeise or fat fingered individuals and is recommended to use a dialing wand to correct the problem.

Typos also make a more seasoned appearance with touch typers, where a typo is a mark of God's intention for chaos and nature to rule and for everything to asplode