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They also invented Adolf Hitler.

Tyrol, or Tirol, as the german people say, is some piece of dirt and hills lying in Austria.

Tyrol is a funny place where people run around with silly hats and leather trousers, called "lederhosen". The Tyroleans are high-productive people, they've invented leather trousers, their own way of wailing (called yodeling) and they have big hills where funny people dances and sings.

What do people do in Tyrol?[edit]

Tyrol is a cold place.The reason it's so cold, is because they have a lot of snow that is cooling the mountains. So, the Tyroleans doesn't have anything better to do than skiing.

But, when the global warming melts all their ice and snow, they wont have anything left to ski on, so they will have to swim instead! An d when they get in contact, their lederhosen will stick to their legs, and they will die! Mohahaha [Evil laugh]

Why should Tyrol be exterminated?[edit]

Since Tyrol only came up with bad things, it should be exterminated by a big humanoid-robot from the future, that traveled back in time to exterminate all stupid things in the world (sorry, Bush), if the robot doesn't get stopped and partly destroyed by a humanoid from the future, only be brought back to life 2 times.

Prophecy of eternal doom.

That is what the almighty prophecy of eternal doom says.

Things Tyrol has come up with except the Prophecy:

Since Adolf Hitler and lederhosen are the worst things ever came up with, I decided to upload a picture of Adolf wearing lederhosen.

This article will probably set my grandma on fire...