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del log

Hi there! Pull up a chair. No, not that one, somebody left some vanity stains on it. Oh, and that one's full of street sweepings from someone's article about their town. Maybe you'd better just stand.

Anyway, welcome to the Poopsmith's Lounge, otherwise known as the overspill car park for VFD. This is the place for those non-VFD-regulars who don't care about the whole voting malarky to let us know about stuff that we should probably get rid of. I'd offer you a cup of Tea, but I think the teabags are under that pile of articles about people's teachers, so maybe you should just dump your deliveries and leave.

Rules and procedures:

Disclaimer: May not be Poopsmith's actual lounge.
  1. This lounge is for non-VFD regulars only! That means that, if you're one of those people who are nearly always on VFD (and making their own lists, checking 'em twice and all that nonsense), NO DICE!
  2. Please, if you find yourself flooding the Lounge, consider making your own personal waiting list for VFD.
  3. This is not VFD, but reasoning for your deletion nomination is still welcome. However, just by putting your page on, it is not automatically added to VFD. This is solely voluntary and is at the discretion of the current poopsmith(s).
  4. Feel free, if you find an empty slot on VFD, to add anything you find here to it.
  5. Be sure to strike any nomination you move to VFD Do this by adding <s></s> tags on either side of it.

That's all! Thanks for your help in the fight against the unfunny!

Current (active) poopsmith(s):

Add new articles at the top of the relevant section. Do not remove anything without asking Sycamore, Magic man, Saberwolf116 or Frosty first.

Weeks beginning August 20th[edit]


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