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Hypothetic last porn category to which hardcore porn will evolve according to pornologists' analysts. Ultracore won't be suitable for people under 120 years old and will be so strong and obscene so nowadays' hardcore pornography will seem like a Cinderella tale for someone accustomed to ultraporn, according to actual pornologic estimations. Many religious organizations noticed such estimations and already decided to ban ultracore at least 10 times, even if nowadays is just a theory.

Future Pornography[edit]

Ultracore will be restricted to people up to 120 years old because only an elder with a cabbage metabolism will have the libido low enough to enjoy such unbridled obscenity without dying. A wanker below this age could die by a 20 simultaneous orgasms attack, become like Stephen Hawking or be deeply traumatized by sex and shelter in a monastery by the rest of his life. As hardcore evolved showing more and more of human anatomy, hypothetical ultracore would reach the ultimate perversion of human anatomy, showing all the visceral sensuality: The most pink stomaches, the sexiest kidneys, the largest intestines (and the smallest), the most provoking livers and, on top of all, the thickest uterus...

Many people who have experienced severe trauma could potential be immune to this new UltraPorn, however this is a theory and a citation is needed.

Future ultracore stars[edit]

Many science-fiction writers figure ultraporn stars as sexual super-humanoids, aliens with exaggerated sexual attributes for human standards or genetically designed humans with hyper-sexual features, besides them, an actual prostitute would seem sober like a nun. Isaac Asimov in his book “Space Orgy” demonstrates the limits of his degenerated imagination inventing ultracore characters.

  • Cyborg Zzron Jeremy 3.1: Well known by his 200mm sex cannon, used in his many fictitious movies to sex with heavy machinery and armored tanks. In one of his fictitious movies, he blows his own head by doing autofellatio.
  • Je-nhn-a JameXXX-son (Venusian): Well known as the alien porn queen. She becomes highly famous in the highly degenerated fictitious movie “Orgy from Mercury to Neptune XXI” where she sexes herself with 10 humanoids, 15 lizardians, 8 insectoids and 20 mutants at once!
  • Sylvia Saint's 19th mutation: Her eleven big natural breasts makes her the galaxy's east side (and its parallel) favorite. Her hyper-flexible anatomy allowed her to be the only woman to sex with Omicrom Persei 8's hyper-donkoids in a clear example of space zoopornography.
  • Ultrawatt Penis 78,12 (AKA Electric Penis9): One of the best (and first) ultraporn actors. His penis is one-thousand times more powerful than a modern average vibrator and 40 times more touchy, because it works with a primitive fossil fuel. His death was caused by sexing with a feminine fatty mass with five breast-tentacles, because his penis exploded. Nowadays he has a son (also in ultracore business) named Neo Ultrawatt penis 80,10 . His main feature is being ecologically clean. His secretions are so fertile so he made daisies grow up in Amazonian Desert and works with dollar solar photocells.
  • Buffy St. Schrodinger The originator of quantum Ultraporn. Famous for using 11 dimensional quantum physics to exploit a flaw in the Heisenberg uncertainty principle which allowed her to have sex with every living thing in the universe, simultaneously for one trillionth of a second. The menage-a-quadrillion will cause critical levels of social discomfort for several decades.