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“And now, I'm taking it back”

30 April 2007

London, British HQ of Uncyclopedia,

This Uncyclopedia is a total UKer. WOT?

Following the recent addition to the ranks of the adminatii, Sir Olipro, many smug faces could be seen within the British HQ of the global operations of of Uncyclopedia.

"With the new member of the order" boomed the amplified voice of Chief Chamberlain throughout the corridors, startling innocent bystanders and flocks of discombobulated pigeons, "Our clutching embrace on Uncyclopedia grows tighter. In the words of one our founding fathers when we finish this hostile takeover, this Unyclopedia will be a tight tiger."

A thundering echo of hand slapping and hear! hear! shouts rattled the ivy tendrils that choked the building.

"We're quite concerned" commented a spokesperson for the American division of Uncyclopedia. "During the last Sysoping procedures they nominated three (!) new Brits for adminship"

"Which Brits do you refer to?"

"Oh, there was that Flying Cat, this Oli person, and an extraordinarily handsome guy. Can't remember his name, just his phone number."

"Don't forget that guy with the funny walk"

"What about the Canadian guy?"

"Canada? Eh! They're part of the British commonwealth, need I remind you?"


"You meant Blimey."

"Excuse me?"

Life in the British Uncyclopedia. It's going to be Shagadelic baby!

"You meant Pardon? It seems that the Brits are forcefully trying to impose their way of talking, dry humor and worse - English cooking - on the rest of us. We're pretty much all fu- sorry, shagged."

Further inquiry into the matter has unearthed even more disturbing pieces of information: it seems that all nominees in the previous Sysopping voting round are affiliated with the United Kingdom some way or another. Looking into the list we found the following:

And so on and so forth.

It would seem that the only thing that can postpone the British takeover of Uncyclopedia, is the long anticipated Scottish Revolt. FU BRITS!

"We shall not rest" exclaimed a member of the British House of Lords in confidential (but not that confidential) debates held following the shift in the balance of power "Till we put the This site might be overly British to your tastes. Wot? template on the main page. God save the Queen."


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