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21 March 2007

Some Cave Somewhere Al Qaeda, via telegram (?) weighed in on Attorneygate, the ongoing hissy fit over whether it was fair to fire some U.S. Attorneys for reasons that may have been political rather than based on merit.

"The great satan USA has shown itself to be too obscessed with who the targets of investigations are than to be concerned with the broader good of ensuring quality prosecuting. Of which there has been quite a bit against us, and it was excellent. stop."

Bush's response to Al Qaeda's surprising butting in to something that didn't appear to be any of their business was strong and direct. "If Al Qaeda had their way, we'd all have no jobs and be up to our eyes in owls. Oh wait . . . um, I mean terrorism is bad and stuff."

The message came as a surprise because nobody would have guessed that Al Qaeda would care about Attorneygate. Even more puzzling is the fact that they communicated via telegram. Strange.

Sources report that Al Qaeda is just onery because Mokey plushes are still not available and is just looking for a fight over something to have with the USA.