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21 August 2009

This vehicle was seen moments before the attack, therefore meaning it is the one that Domo rode in.

Today Domo-kun humiliated USMC members as the Grue leader blasted their arses with the holy light of the Kamehameha wave. Only 10% of the battleforce were not dead or captured, making this the worst defeat for USMC forces. One survivor said, "This is gonna be a f***-up for our funds. Does that brown fridge on legs know how f****** much those cat-tanks cost?!" It seems that Domo's objective was the capture of one of the marine's commanders, Amy Rose. Indeed, after much searching of the battlefield, the apothecaries of the Ultramarines chapter were forced to admit that either Amy had been vaporised or, more likely, captured by Domo. None of the other USMC forces present were captured.

A video of the USMC staff sergent present being affected by Domo-kun induced hallucinations, shortly before the fellow suffered SEHS.

Chuck Norris, commander of the USMC simply said "Oh s***...", whilst a spokesman for the Grue Galactic Empire said "Domo-kun was doing this so that the elders could see if he is still fit to lead the Grues." Indeed, 1 hour after the attack, Domo posted the following blog on his Myspace page: "Finally, I may have proven myself. After days of nightmares about my friendships and marriage falling apart, I think I've won." He even posted his own drawing of one such nightmare on the site, which can be seen below.

Domo's drawing of the nghtmare that he almost thought would become true