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12 September 2006

Mopey critics complained this beautiful fireworks display was inappropriate.

NEW YORK, New York - A brilliant, fund-raising fireworks display put on by the Fire Department of New York, commemorating the lives lost in the terrorist attacks 5 years ago, drew a little heat of its own when several people complained that it was "not in the spirit" of the other somber and boring 9/11 memorials.

The display's bright, colorful and surprisingly loud explosives simulated the destruction of the World Trade Center, and thrilled and delighted children of all ages. The program also featured a "block of barbeque" and gay a team of highly-trained base jumpers who sailed down between the remaining skyscrapers, a tribute to the people who were forced to jump from the burning towers or face incineration.

"I personally don't see what the big effin deal is," said New York sign painter, Mitch Renaldo. "We shoot fireworks off for the 4th of July, don't we? What's the effin difference?"

Critics suggested that the explosions and jumpers were perhaps too reminiscent of the events of the day, in which many lost loved ones and family members.

Local cab driver, Ashagi Muniganishanandi, disagreed. "We are supposed to remember, right? So we remember! But it was five years ago, so geez, we can't grieve forever. People must get on with their lives, and stop trying to ruin everybody else's fun."

Attendance figures at this year's fund-raiser where the highest ever, even to the point of creating sparse crowds at other memorials such as those attended by President Bush.

"Them things are boring," said one schoolchild, taking the day off to see the show.