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25 February 2011

'Gaddafi' sounds a bit like 'Daffy'.

LONDON, U.K. -- With violence rising in Libya and the Middle East, the image of Colonel Gaddafi with the head of Daffy Duck superimposed over the Libyan dictator's face is becoming an increasingly popular search term on Google, with people across the globe finding trace elements of comic relief in the wacky combination. Amateur satirists with a basic knowledge of Photoshop have been working overnight to create humourous images to appease the baying hordes, and to both "chortle" and "snigger" at the resulting creations.

According to many who are actively involved in the conflict, this has no relevance or bearing on anything. One Libyan now living in Lewisham said, "Who cares about this?? It's completely irrelevant! I have family in the country and I want them out now! NO, DON'T SHOW ME A PICTURE! Oh wait....that is quite funny lololololololol."

The increasing frequency of the searches has also had a crippling effect on the rankings of other Colonels in Google instant searches. Colonel Sanders is now down to second, with Colonel Mustard a distant seventh. Neither were available for comment yesterday.


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