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4 July 2008

Finally, they have managed to incorporate these into the game of Guitar Hero.

HARD ROCK HOTEL, Las Vegas, NV. - With the anticipation growing for the new release in the Guitar Hero franchise, people have begun questioning what new features would end up in the game. Over the last few months, the game developers have let loose some details about the game, among these are the song creation function, where you can make your own songs, and the drum set, which is absolutely, in no way copied from the other hit music game, Rock Band. Another new piece of information was released today, as a 4th of July gift to Americans, which stated that the new game of Guitar Hero 4, will have smashable guitars. Yes that is right. In an official statement given today, Activision announced:

Cquote1.png With the inclusion of smashable guitars, players will have the ability to really get into the game, and get the crowd riled up. Smashing your guitar will enable the use of "Star Power" which will double the score you get from hitting notes, just like in the last installment of the game, where you tipped your guitar upwards to activate Star Power. Unfortunately, after smashing your guitar, it was not possible to re-attach it together, to give a real rock star outlook, where after smashing a guitar, you must buy yourself a new one. Cquote2.png

—Jay Keraque, Activision Employee

Guitar Hero 4 is really going all out for this one, making every possible aspect of the game more real than prior installments, which is bound to increase sales on the game, they are even trying to increase the price of guitars for the game up several hundred dollars, to make the idea of purchasing guitars more realistic too. The selection of guitars will also increase, with hundreds of more faceplates, ranking anywhere from $150 to several thousand dollars each.

Although all these additions are great, it ha been suggested that all these great features are just trying to cover up the fact that the game is going to include the song Stairway to Heaven, clearly in defiance of the No Stairway precedent, as set in 1993. However most people have thrown that rumor off as false.

When asked about how they feel about the news of smashable guitars, fan's reviews were almost completely positive.

Cquote1.png Dude, it is utterly amazing, that the guitars can finally be smashed! Banging the current ones into the ground didn't do anything, THEY JUST DON'T BREAK!!! And it didn't give me the high that I have been looking for in smashing guitar hero controllers, and now that the price of guitar controllers have gone up, it gives us something to actually collect money for. I'm telling you, it feels so much better to buy a new guitar than it does to buy a car, or a house, or even a wedding ring, by far! Cquote2.png

—Thomas "Turtle" Smith, Guitar Hero Enthusiast