UnNews:Heath Ledger's death might've been publicity stunt, police suspects

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23 January 2008

Heath Ledger in his Oscar nominated role

MANHATTAN, New York -- Current discoveries by the forensic police on the mysterious death of Heath Ledger are leading the investigation to a bizarr path when NYPD announced today that a Batarang was found in the actor's aparment.

The object, a replica of the boomerang like weapon used by Batman, weighted little more than two pounds, measured 7 inches wide and had no traces of blood. The object was found holding a Dark Knight promotional poster on the door.

"At first we were puzzled" says Harvey Bullock, forensic investigator, "The finding lead us to drop our suspicions on terrorists and placed Batman as our primary suspect. But then we realized that there is no Batman, since no one would be stupid enough to dress as bat to fight crime and expect to be respected. Heck, even we in our regular blue outfits aren't."

Now the police has a new suspect, and might know the motivations of the crime. "When we found 'Dark Knight 18-07-08" carved in the back of the Batarang it all became obvious. A publicity stunt. And what a good one. We at department are all fired up with the movie now."

Heath Ledger posthumously stars in the Dark Knight movie, playing the role of Joker, Batman's arch enemy.