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13 January 2012

Kim Jong Un looking at food which the North Korean Population doesn't have to eat anymore, because they are not hungry.

PYONGYANG, Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea --

North Korea is a country which has always been bullied and accused of being impoverished and having problems with famine. As a result, the North Korean government, Kim Jong Un, has banned hunger in North Korea.

The Officals Statement was: We are fed up with the accusations! We ain't hungry, just look at our Great Ultra Super Leader Kim Jong Un, does he look hungry to you? Moreover, how can we be hungry? IT'S ILLEGAL!

After the statement, democratic people in Pyongyang all went on the streets, and cried tears of happiness. One of the crying happy people stated "Im being so happy right know, our socialist fatherland, under the great power of Brilliant Comrade Kim Jong Un has helped us greatly! I now do not feel hungry anymore, for ever!" An other crying human said "The Great Superhuman leader Kim Jong Un has done a great thing for us! I am not hungry at all! It's terrible to know that there are hungry people in other coutries, like the USA or South Korea."

North Korea has also stated that it welcomes all the hungry and impoverished and oppressed people from the U.S. and South Korea and it will soon start sending food aid to those countries. "We will send food and other humanitarian supplies to the impoverished South Puppets and U.S. Imperialists by ballistic missile transports"

It is also working on a project to outlaw Sadness and Poverty.