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4 March 2009

Thought I could see her muff for a moment, but it was just her furry hat.
It's -10C, but this young lovely looks hot enough to us!

Hokkaido, Japan -- It may be -10C, but Japanese teenage girls - living as is the fashion with so many Japanese people these days in Japan - are doing their best to bring warmth by insisting on wearing very short mini-skirts and hot pants despite the chilly conditions.

Tourists have been flocking to Hokkaido's annual Ice and Snow Festival to take in the local scenery, described by Peter O'Phile of Dublin as "simply stunning. I can't believe these young girls - some must be about 12 - are willing to brave the freezing weather just so they look good. But I'm so thankful that they are!"

One Swedish tourist, Hans Arnbjörg, says, "Being from a Scandinavian country, winter is nothing new to me, but these Japanese girls are really crazy, you know? They walk around in their tiny skirts and hot pants, not even wearing stockings. You have to worry they'll get hypothermia or frostbite." Mr. Arnbjörg, who originally planned on staying in Hokkaido for a single night, has now been there for just over three weeks.

Tourists asked for their opinions on the ice carving and snow sculptures that have made the festival famous claimed to have no knowledge of them.

Reader's Comments

"They believe that the cold weather makes their legs look better. That's the truth."
"I wasn't aware that Japanese girls even wore clothes, because I only see them on Google Image Search." P.Urve, USA
"Do older Japanese women suffer particularly from rheumatism?" KLJoye, UK
"Is a matter of convenience, that way of dress is convenience for have sexing. Japaneses girl loose and perverted, very bad girl."' WaiHaiLo, China
"If she were my daughter, I’d..." FZappa, USA
"As young as 13, eh? I'm booking a plane ticket as we speak..." GGlitter, Thailand

A few more photos, just so our readers can appreciate how wintry it actually is in Hokkaido at the moment...

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