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8 March 2011

HOLLYWOOD, Los Angeles -- Kim Kardashian and George Lucas have revealed plans for a new sitcom, Two and a Half Sluts.

The show, set in Iraq, follows the lives of Chelsey Harper, who is a self-proclaimed bachelorette and slut. Her uptight sister, Alex, and niece, Jen. Chelsey's free-wheeling life is complicated and altered when her sister gets divorced and moves, along with her daughter, into Chelsey's war-front Iraq home.

Both George Lucas and Kim Kardashian have purchased rights to the show, along with BBC and [email protected] entertainment. The contract has been revealed to the public, revealing that 18 seasons are planned, along with a movie adaption entitled Two and a Half Sluts Go To Korea, and the internet domain www.2.5Sluts.mom. Special guest star Osama Bin Laden will make an appearance in season 12.

A marketing poster for the show.

"It's an ambitious idea, now that Two and a Half Men has ended," said George, "And we think its a unique concept."

George is more excited about the idea then most would expect. His latest film, Whore of the Worlds, received extremely negative reviews. Kim has revealed that the show is set to air late 2012, and that she has chosen to play Alex. She will be dropping her latest clothes line, Winter Wonderwhores, to work on the show.

"I think it would, like, be a totally cool experience, to like, play a slut. Isn't that what every teenage girl dreams of doing?"

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Lady Gaga, Tiger Woods and Katy Perry are just some of the big name stars who have each confirmed plans to audition.

"Whoo!" says Kim, at a press conference in Germany," Lets show the world what sluts and bitches can really do! Lets give them a series about them that will blow their panties off!"