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For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about 2005 WMF vulnerability.

Today Microsoft announced it had, in the face of high public pressure, re-instigated its highly popular "What's bugging you?" series for 2006, kicking off with a huge bang - Picture a huge hole that exploits vulnerable DLLs that draw pictures to its very will. This agent of the dark has the ability, with the use of the gdi32 power crystal, to infect any version of windows from 3.0 to server 2003, and so far, is invulnerable to all known patches.

In an interview, Steve Ballmer said that he believed that the Security Industry was getting rather bored, so they decided to release their biggest hole ever in this new series: "Yeah, we (at Microsoft) think that everyone's fallen asleep over the holidays and needs a good 'ol Microsoft-style waking up!"

A thrilling race against time set to premiere in a computer near you soon...


  • Rating:PG-(Parental Guidance-Some children may be scared by seeing their parents throwing a tantrum because their report was deleted by a virus)
  • Set over the next few months, knowing the effiency of Microsoft
  • Shown at any time on any channel, but I personally recommend watching the Fox servers going down around seven-their test cards are great. Hang on, maybe thats what caused the fishy NFL incident....