UnNews:Nachlader copulates with own mom, arrested for bestiality

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23 February 2012

Nachlader's mom gives such seductive looks.

Wherever Nachlader lives -- Police arrived at Nachlader's box in the alley last night after neighbors reported hearing Malaysian pygmy goats being run through a juicer. Upon their arrival, police discovered Nachlader, an Uncyclopedia noob, fornicating with his own mother. Nachlader's mom, a known prostitute, was arrested for her 69th count of assault as laws there consider knowingly transmitting an STD to be a crime. Nachlader was immediately arrested for bestiality being that his mother looks a lot like a feral wolverine. His stepfather/mother's pimp had no comment except, "I am NOT his biological father. I would have been but the neighbor's dog got out and beat me to it."

Many are not surprised that Nachlader has had sex with his mom. After all, Nachlader is a sick bastard, and experts reason that it was inevitable that Nachlader's mom would eventually copulate with Nachlader at her rate of copulation. Some sexperts point to Nachlader's white trash upbringing as being a contributing factor. "What this man did is medically known as 'fucking his own mom'," said noted sexologist Jack Hoffman. "It's common among backwoods inbred hillbillies such as Nachlader."