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26 November 2010

Sarah Palin is now officially a hero of North Korea.

PYONGYANG, North Korea -- The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) have welcomed Sarah Palin's support and have offered her a military alliance to defend Alaska against "warmonger" Seoul.

Palin made the overture to the North on Wednesday on the Glenn Beck Show. The host reminded Palin that South Korea is the one that the U.S. is allied with--reportedly, in a matter of seconds--but that was enough time for the North to translate, and plan a festival season around, the show of solidarity from the North's traditional enemy.

In an official communique broadcast live in North Korea to a barrage of shells fired in the direct of "capitalist running dog" South Korea, the government in Pyongyang said they expected a future President Palin would join a Chinese-North Korean-USA alliance against "Evil Japan," "False Korea" and "Rebel Taiwan."

The Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea under the eternal guidance of Great Leader and his illustrious family welcome Sarah Palin as ally of the proletariat. Her true voice has now been revealed and she has shown great courage to defy the Fascist Axis of Fox News, the Daily Show and Barack Obama. Our country has offered military solidarity with Sarah Palin if her home state of Alaska is attacked by the snake tongued False Korean dictatorship in Seoul.

Officially sanctioned translations of Sarah Palin's books are now on sale in the North Korean capital. Some of the titles Palin has apparently written may come as a surprise to the Republican Party and Tea Party movement. They include Wearing Rouge in Honor of the Korean Socialist Proletariat and The Thoughts and Writings of Kim il-Sung for the Alaskan Workers and Peasants.

The White House said that Palin's other gaffe might in fact be more problematic--the one, later in the same Glenn Beck Show, where Palin promised that, as President, she would send AWACS radar planes to "our allies in Cuba."