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30 March 2010

We at Fox News are calling on all Americans to express your distaste for the bill.

WASHINGTON D.C.--In a communistic and totalitarian move that infuriated Americans across the country, President Barack Hussein Obama passed the Government Takeover Nuclear Fascist Obamacare Bill, thus sealing the end of Free America as we know it. This bill, which promises things such as free healthcare, social justice and death panels, was passed despite the glaringly obvious majority of Americans who oppose the bill. America, as we all know, prides itself on its freedom, democracy and insurance companies; but the Obamacare Nuclear Takeover bill is the exact opposite of all that we stand for. Not only is it going to allow death panels for your grandparents; it will also ensure that Obama's Socialist agenda succeeds in corrupting our already diseased government even further.

While some unpatriotic people support the bill, it is clear that an overwhelming majority of us are against it, and Obama stuffing it down our throats only proves that he is Big Brother incarnate. In fact, in an opinion poll conducted by us, we found that 100% of people interviewed at an anti-Obama rally said that they were strongly against Healthcare reform. If this is not obvious proof that America does not want this Nazi Holocaust Czars Reform, then what is?

Unfortunately, despite the hard work of political pundits such as Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Sarah Palin, some are still unconvinced about the Socialist militants who have infiltrated our White House. One man, who admitted to his Marxist ideology in an unrelated interview, stated:

Cquote1.png I would actually rather not be ripped off by my insurance company, thank you very much. Cquote2.png

This claim is laughably false, as insurance companies are corporations, and nothing represents America better than said corporations. And a simple mathematical equation can prove it:

It all makes perfect sense!

However, don't forget that America also stands for equal rights for all.

And, taking from the aforementioned statement, the phrase "ripped off" can mean discrimination. But since America doesn't discriminate:

It all makes perfect sense. And if that wasn't enough, Glenn Beck himself wrote the equation. This automatically makes it true then, as Glenn is a mathematical and political genius.

In conclusion, America is headed down a rough and turbulent time in its history. As the Marxist revolution continues to overtake the Whitehouse, some have looked to God to help lead us out of this crisis. However, He has yet to comment on the situation. And in the midst of everything, others have pedicted this as in connection to the coming apocalypse, which is would mark the end of our great, free country of America. And the rest of the world, too.

<poll> Do you support the healthcare bill? Yes, I am a Nazi Czar Communist who hates America No, I am a true American </poll>