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24 January 2010

Artists conception of Puffer Fish Planet and large scale geolologic makup.

SAN FRANCISCO, California -- Astronomers at the Lick Observatory near San Jose, California have several dozen exoplanet discoveries under their belts. Last Thursday was a banner day for the planet hunters, as they confirmed that their data points to the discovery of a planet which is composed entirely of a puffer fish.

Aldo Rey, an astronomer at San Francisco State University (SFSU), made an announcement at an event to raise money to keep pizza flat. "Thus far, the universe has revealed herself in many astounding and sexy ways", said the intrepid Dr. Rey. "This discovery has turned up by far the sexiest thing ever: a planet composed of an biological entity. Usually, it's the other way round."

Confused bystanders wanted to know more, but Dr. Rey then hopped on a moped and sped off in the direction of the Castro district. He was last spotted there that evening, fitting bunnies for gas masks.