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27 August 2010

Larry Flynt comes under fire yet again.

LOS ANGELES, California -- The porn film industry has come under fire from religious fundamentalist campaigners, who have filed a complaint against adult entertainment mogul Larry Flynt.

The Jesus for Jews Foundation (JJF) has submitted an official complaint in California because Flynt's actors are not required to remain fully clothed while performing. JJF president Michael Weinstein said it was "our duty to pursue action on the issue of religious decency in the workplace, and any form of nudity is sinful.”

A spokesman for Mr. Flynt said he delivered "what the consumer wants is nudity".

Michael Klein, president of Larry Flynt Productions, said: "We won't budge when it comes to nude productions."

Federal law requires that all porn actors be tested for nudity a day before the start of filming.

Mr. Klein said the company adhered to those standards and that none of the actors they used had ever tested positive for nudity a day before the filming starts. “But for a sex movie nudity is imperative.”

The JJF said it had carefully and repeatedly studied 100 films made by Mr. Flynt's company and nudity was found in all scenes.

It said the movies demonstrated damnable, irreligious behavior.

It has submitted a complaint to California's workplace religious health and safety watchdog.

“We see it as our duty to pursue action on the issue of decency in the workplace," said JJF president Michael Weinstein, - "in these instances, nude sex acts taking place in non-traditional workplaces, such as a bedroom, a shower, or kitchen floor.” Mr. Weinstein said in a statement.

According to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Decency, workers in the adult film industry are 10 times more likely to act in the nude than members of the general film industry.