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26 March 2011

Just look at him. Who the fuck sings with his arms behind his back?

Los Angeles, California -- Glee producer Ryan Murphy recently lashed out at Beady Eye for-you guessed it-refusing to lend him their songs for his show.

"Well, Beady Eye do look like a promising band," Murphy had said in an interview. "I'd love to showcase some of their songs on my show. They'll be really good additions to the soundtrack."

However, once reports began streaming in that Beady Eye had no intention of giving him the rights for their songs, Murphy did an abrupt about-turn on his position.

"Fuck Liam Gallagher and his fucking cronies." Murphy said in a recent press conference, "Those fucking idiots. No wonder Noel left those fucking fools."

"They have no fucking idea what they're missing out on," he continued, "Fucking morons. I'm the fucking God of pop culture. They think they can say no to me?! Well, fuck them. Their shitty album isn't going to sell for shit now."

He further added that the band was nothing but "a fucking cheap rip-off from Oasis", and that Noel Gallagher "would blow these fuckers down in no time."

This is the third time Ryan Murphy has lashed out at a rock band for refusing to lend their songs for the show. He had previously called Slash "A washed-up, uneducated rockstar." when he refused to give him the rights for any Guns n' Roses songs, and had called Kings of Leon "a bunch of snotty little assholes.", when they had politely refused to lend him their songs. Both groups, and the Foo Fighters, had subsequently lashed out at Murphy for his behavior.

Glee fans have expressed their disapproval regarding Ryan Murphy's behavior, but say that the show "still rocks", so they have no reason to care.

Meanwhile, media speculation is rife that the only reason Ryan Murphy even mentioned Noel Gallagher in his rants was so that he might get lucky in making him lend some songs.

"Yeah, all the rejection and dissing has really gotten to him." said a source close to the producer. "He could really use some support from the rock groups, and Noel Gallagher might just be the man. Or maybe not."