UnNews:Sarah Palin and Sherry Johnston to star in new movie, "Meet the Inlaws"

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21 December 2008

Mrs. Johnston surveys the location that the movie will be filmed a few months before filming begins.

WASILLA, Alaska - Soon-to-be grandmothers, Sarah Palin and Sherry Johnston, the mother of Bristol Palin's boy toy, were approached late Friday night by famous Hollywood actor and producer Robert De Niro to star in the second sequel to his hit movies Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockers, titled Meet the Inlaws.

Palin and Johnston could not wait to begin work on the movie. The movie is not however based on the first two, and follows around a completely different set of families, whose children just got married, and the crazy antics that the two families get into under one roof. The script called for Palin to play the spunky maverick mother, whose daughter just got married to her high school sweetheart, and is 8 months pregnant. Johnston plays the law-abiding social worker, whose son knocked up his high school girlfriend, and just got married to her. Her son wrestles with the problems of his wife being 8 months pregnant, as well as trying to win over the heart of his mother who has almost completely stopped talking to him since the pregnancy. With the help of Palin's character he begins to rebuild his relationship with her.

Johnston took time this weekend to visit Elba, Kansas, the small town in which the movie is set to be filmed, while Palin stayed in Wasilla to take care of her daughter, who is due to have her child sometime this week. Johnston was quoted saying that Elba is "A quaint little town, a great spot for a law abiding citizen of the United States to live. No meth labs as far as the eye can see." Johnston of course comes from Wasilla, the meth capital of Alaska.

The film is set to begin filming in March of 2009, in the town of Elba Kansas, and is projected to be released in movie theaters around the United States by April of 2010, so that it will be done filming in time for Sarah Palin to announce her candidacy for president in 2012. The movie is expected to be the greatest success of De Niro's career, and will put him up at the top of the charts with Steven Spielberg, and George Lucas.