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19 May 2008

The cover of Frijoles Uno also needed updating due to the typos on its cover

A recent Spanish book known as Frijoles Uno has been recalled due to its high levels of lead and mercury. Experts were called in by concerned ( and racist ) parents when they noticed the "Made in China" sticker in the back. The book and sticker were reported to have lead in them.

The cover of Je Mange Les Bébés Soixante-Neuf was famous for having no words on it.

The publishers of the book have replied "no comment" to any discussion about the product. Because of this, several schools in Montana and Australia have had to close down for toxic purposes. In one case a school exploded.

The publishers sent out a warning to the Families against them

"I never trusted the communists" shouted a grandmother at a rally protesting the books. She held up a copy of the publishers book Communists and Me, which also contained lead and later died of lead poisoning. Several protesters had a similar fate when they burned the lead books.

The publishers of Frijoles Uno also had to discontinue their top selling books: Isto é Estranho Uno, Ich Baue Ab Ein, The Punic Wars, and Je Mange Les Bébés Soixante-Neuf. Several other books by Anonymous Publishers Inc. were discontinued.