UnNews:Stephen Hawking Arrested, Defys Laws Of Gravity

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7 May 2007

Nevillia, DETROIT. -- Stephen Hawking was arrested today at his home in the TechnoDome after breaking the law of gravity.

Caught in the act

By all best estimates he had seemingly used his incredibly large and dense brain mass to force open a quantum singularity, thus finding a new way to break the law. This is the second time in the last five months that he has become scientifically deviant. He friend, Doomsday (aka The Doom) commented that he did not actually break the law, but merely achieved gravity's highest expression by creating the singularity.

When asked for a quote as the physics cops arrested him, He said "Up yours, Newton and Einstein punk-bitches. The law of gravity does not apply to me! Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha."

Such respected scientists like Isaac Newton have always obeyed the law of gravity, and yet Hawking is continually proving something of an exception: showing that you can breakdance in space. This has become increasingly noticeable after he ran over someone's cat.