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This page is considered an ignorable policy on Uncyclopedia.
It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone should follow, unless they don't want to, in which case they are free to ignore it, in which case nobody will care. Please make use of the standing on one knee position to propose to this policy.

Before reading this, make sure you've read the HTBFANJS and the Beginner's Guide.

UnNews is a parody of WikiNews. UnNews' goal of reporting current events in a satirical fashion is second only to our goal of locating Waldo. Current events are parodied, satirized, or otherwise completely made up here at UnNews. As elsewhere in Uncyclopedia, we welcome multiple articles on the same news, even articles with contradictory facts lies.


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Unless you are writing an UnNews editorial, we don't want to hear your ignorant, uneducated opinion. UnNews isn't a soapbox or your blog. No vanity, propaganda, or stories about your grandmother's diabetic coma.

Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?[edit]

A tenet of conventional journalism is to be sure to answer these six questions. You are setting out to write a funny story--but it wants to look like a news article, and so, it should still answer these six questions.


We don't have 'em. Nobody cares about you.


UnNews has a few recommended rules of formatting. Our articles are all in the same place and we look more like a real news source if our news stories have a similar appearance.


The title should have no excess words or details--just enough to uniquely identify the story. If possible, it should fit on a single line in the daily list of stories on the UnNews front page.

The title of your article starts with a capital letter, but otherwise uses all lower case except where grammar dictates the use of capitals (such as names and other proper nouns).


All UnNews articles should start with a two-part location in which the event took place. If the second part is a state of the U.S. or a province of Canada, you need not give the country name as a third part. (Adding more parts until you specify which universe the news occurred in, is sometimes seen, but is trite.) The first part of the two-part location is capitalized, and both parts are in boldface. Below is an example:

CHERNOBYL, Ukraine -- Ten-legged reindeer were spotted by touring nuclear scientists today after...

Between the location and the start of the story, type a space, a double dash ("--"), and another space. Other characters, such as en-dash ("–"), may look sexier to you, but our podcast software does not like them.



A picture really isn't worth 1,000 words. It's closer to somewhere around 357 words.

At least one picture should be in your article. Most pictures should range from 180-300px in size; your picture should not be longer than your article.

It's convenient to look for a picture already on Uncyclopedia instead of uploading a new one. If you must upload a new picture make sure that it is funny and relevant to your article. Don't forget to add a funny caption too or else.

Citing sources[edit]

Citing sources is helpful but optional. When your UnNews story is a parody of one or more real news reports, citations will link readers to the original news story. Edit each skeleton {{Source}} template to describe an actual web page with the news story:

url= Copy and paste the URL (web address) of the real news here
title= Put the article's title here
author= Put the article's author(s) here
pub= State here the article's publisher (CNN, MSN, BBC, etc.)
date= State the date the article was published
Citations of old UnNews

We understand you want to hump your previous UnNews stories, but don't list them in the Sources section. Instead, use the {{Old news}} template. Follow Old news with a pipe and then the title of the previous UnNews article (without the UnNews: prefix. This will produce a graphic like the one shown at right. Put the template halfway up in the story so that the graphic will break up the text.

Articles not based on real news[edit]

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This article features first-hand journalism by an UnNews correspondent.

You are free to make up your own news, but effective humor requires that your result look like real news. "Alien hot dogs go on rampage and start eating people!" is not a good title or subject for an article. It may be creative, but it's far from believable or funny.

When writing a made-up article, delete the entire Sources section. In its place, add {{Original}} to declare the article to be first-hand journalism.


Only code a word as a link on its first use in the article If you have written an article with few words that correspond to Uncyclopedia articles, pick some important words or phrases and use a two-part link (with pipe) to direct them to any suitable Uncyclopedia article. Perhaps even an unsuitable one. (See also red links, below.)


It will help interested persons find your article if it ends with categories. At the least, the article should use a category to indicate what nation is the setting, such as [[Category:United States]]. Categories can also indicate the general field of interest, such as [[Category:Politics]]. You can see a complete list of categories in Category:Categories.

Quality assurance[edit]

Finish your story before publishing[edit]

When you press Save page, your story's headline is immediately visible on the Front Page. Don't do this until your story is done. Don't contribute a rough draft. If the story is incomplete, work on it in your own userspace; then use the move tab to change its name, simply replacing User:yourname/ with UnNews: at the start of the headline.

Spelling and proofreading[edit]

For more on spelling and grammar, go here

Grammatikal errors and tpyos are frouned upon at UnNews. If your browzer lacks a spelcheker, unlike Firefox and Chrome, then you can always use online spellczech or a werd procesor.

However, an articul passed threw a spellchecker is knot necessarily correct. Be shore to reed threw you're articall and look for grammer missteaks and the many errors that spellcheckers often miss.

Red links[edit]

Red links mean you have pointed the reader to an article that doesn't exist. This is bad. With few exceptions, a finished UnNews article should have no red links. When you preview your article, there should be no red in it. If you see red, continue editing rather than saving it. Otherwise, you will make us see red.

Deliberate mistakes[edit]

Although we welcome anyone to correct an UnNews story, first be sure you understand the article so you don't undo a deliberate mistake. If you're unsure of whether a mistake is deliberate or not, try asking the author on the article's talk page.

In conclusion[edit]

Although this is a good reference, a lot of words aren't going to give you a familiarity with the UnNews house style. Only through monkey see, monkey do and trial and error can you become a valued contributor to UnNews. So get off your fat lazy ass and write an UnNews story! It'll get you laid. (Note: Not all UnNews contributors get laid.)

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