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7 May 2009

"...and may god have mercy on us all..."

LOS ANGELES, California - The last time we saw the Swine Flu it had ravaged across the great country of Mexico. It spread its unstoppable vengeance throughout the United States. It even got all mighty France to surrender. But is it done wreaking havoc upon the earth?


Its the most vengeful disease to spread across the world since Bird Flu, the most violent disease since Mad Cow, and it is not done! The spread may be quelled, but the source is still there, and its madder than ever! What will protect us when the demon-disease rears its ugly head in our direction? Modern medicine? BAH! Not even the greatest medical minds of our time will be able to stop its second run!

Children cower in fear at the sound of its name...
The manliest of Men whimper for their mommies...
And the French surrender at the sound of its name.

It is... SWINE FLU, PART 2!

Something so powerful, it got Mexico to cancel Cinco de Mayo. It makes regular flu look like a sick puppy, bird flu look like a lovable kitten, and the rarely seen zebra flu look like a not very serious disease! How will you survive... THE OINKENING?

In theaters July 2009.