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9 August 2010

A typical Tea Party member without makeup.

YEEHAW, Pennsylvania -- Drug addict and unofficial Tea Party mascot Rush Limbaugh announced today on his radio show "Look out! They're not white!" that the Tea Party has generated a mission statement, which begins "Xenophobia is our prime directive, hatred our weapon."

During a quick telephone interview with Mr. Limbaugh, UnNews learned that plans for the party include publicly embracing Adolf Hitler and "exporting brown types to brown countries". He spoke of the reinstatement of slavery, "in cases where a brown type would refuse to go home" and promised that the peacenik devil Barack Obama and his love-fest hordes of filthy liberals will be soundly defeated in the upcoming elections.

The group is voluntarily being added to the FBIs list of hate groups which include the KKK, Al Qaeda and Bonobos International. During a rally in Philadelphia scheduled for August 22 this year, Tea Partiers will gather en masse and doff their human costumes, revealing their true, horrifying appearances for all the world to see.


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