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7 November 2010

A still from the movie.

LOS ANGELES, California -- Tony Grafanello's smash hit debut as filmmaker was released on DVD at midnight yesterday. The movie--whose existence was predicted in the fourth season of the CBS sit-com How I Met Your Mother--chronicles the love triangle between a pretty girl named Stella (played by Malin Akerman), a ridiculously obnoxious and dumbass architect named Jed Mosely (played by Chris Kattan), and a humble yet super-hot male karate instructor named Tony (played by Jason Lewis, and modeled on the filmmaker himself).

The film, which opened in theaters on May 17, was a phenomenal success at the box office and received rave reviews upon its release (most notably from avid blogger Barney Stinson). It now stands as the fifth-highest grossing film of all time.

At midnight release parties that were held yesterday, hordes of fans queued up to get their copy of the DVD. Sales of the DVD are set to at least treble the film's already ginormous box-office earnings.

Tony Grafanello had this to say about the special features of the DVD, "Well, the fans will have a lot to forward to in this DVD. It includes a special commentary by me, and a guy named Ted Mosby. He's a good friend of mine, and an inspiration for one of the film's characters!". On other features, he said that "we have included deleted scenes, which I believe shed more light on the relationship between Stella and Jed Mosely, but were chopped off due to runtime constraints. Some of the scenes also focus on the karate lessons Tony gave to his disciples."

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