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IRAQ, JANUARY 2, 2008- Lenny, Tuck, and Ming-ming, stars of Nick Jr.'s show The Wonder Pets, have been reported as missing while filming an episode of their show in Baghdad.

Nearby residents have stated that they saw some terrorists in the area. One local resident, idenifying as Urmomisaho Yacyrusiduffojonasenorrisusquarepantsoi responded to the situation by saying "was das Bumsen die Wunderhaustiere sind, die sind, du, was das Bumsen du verlassen hier saugen, bevor ich dich bombardiere!?!?!?". Why the fuck was she speaking german? Who the hell knows?

The Wonder Pets had been filming their new episode, called "Save the Camel!", when they were suddenly kidnapped and held for ransom.

We will update you as more info becomes availabale.