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This is today's date

THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A CITY, This is supposed to be a country/state - This is the first sentence of the article. This sentence is second. This sentence has followed the first two sentences. This sentence was typed on a keyboard. All of these sentences are written in English. This sentence will end with an exclamation mark!

This is the beginning of a new paragraph and the first sentence of it. This sentence took less than ten seconds to type. This sentence was written on Uncyclopedia. So far, every sentence has had the word "sentence" in it.

This is a caption.

Not this one. Now, this article was being typed and now that you are reading it it is no longer being typed, but now it is finished so you can read it. Have you been keeping track of the amount of sentences? This is the fourteenth sentence of this article. This is not the twentieth, rather the fifteenth.

This sentence has been read by you. The next sentence will mock you for reading the sentence previous to this one. Haha. The sentence after the next is the shortest sentence in the world. Question: Are you impressed by this article? I am. The sentence before this only had three letters, therefore it is the shortest sentence in the world, along with "I'm". This sentence has been read by you also. This is the end of the paragraph.

This is the beginning of the fourth paragraph of this article. The next sentence is a rhetorical question. How many time has the word "this" appeared in this article so far? This sentence does not have the answer. Perhaps this sentence does? It did not. The next twenty sentences will not have the answer. This sentence is eighth in this paragraph. This paragraph will end soon, but not yet. This sentence has thirty seven letters in it. This sentence does not. The sentence you are reading does not include a word that has appeared many times in the article you are reading. Can you guess the word? It is this. And "this" is in this sentence. This paragraph has the word "this" and the word "sentence" in it many times. This sentence is three away from the end of the paragraph. Now, this sentence is two away from the end of the paragraph. Now, you are one sentence away. This is the end of the paragraph.

This is English text that you are currently reading. This page will probably get vandalized, but the writer of this article will fix those problems. There are two more paragraphs after this paragraph. So this paragraph is the next-to-next-to-last paragraph in this article. This article is no longer being typed. This article is being read by you. In soviet Russia, article reads YOU!!

This paragraph was typed by a user here on Uncyclopedia. The user was bored and wanted to make an UnNews and made this. Other users got bored and edited this article later. This sentence has been read by you. This article is also an UnNews. If this article was not an UnNews, it would have to be a Mainspace article, not HowTo or Why or UnBooks or something like that. This article was made to spread the word that this article is an UnNews. This sentence is part of an UnNews article that I have typed. This sentence is the closing sentence of this paragraph.

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This article features first-hand journalism by an UnNews correspondent.

This is the final paragraph. The writer of this article needs more ideas and a vacation. There are only three more sentences in this Article. And this is one of them. This sentence will be longer than most of the other sentences to make sure that closing paragraph has enough content to look like an actual paragraph instead of six lousy sentences, so the author of this article is stretching this sentence as far as it will stretch before it snaps. Snap.