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17 February 2008

On the move

Lower Hills Trailer Court, Monday (UNN) With the hurricaine season safely behind them, the rag tag bunch of pioneers, known as the Lower Hillsians, are on the move again.

But to Clovis LeDue "life is just too short to spend it all in one place. One day you'll be daid (sic) and then you'll kick yourself for not seeing all there is to see and expiriuencing everthang (sic) that the good Lord put on the God Damn planet."

So Clovis and his fellow trailer park pals people move from Florida to the Northeast this time of year to take advantage of the Winter Noreasters, storms that either bring torrential rains if they stay inland as they track up the esatern seaboard. "If the storm tracks east of the seaboard, then its blizzard season, baby," remarked LeDue.

The move for the group of 250 ramshackle trailer owners is underwritten by The Weather Channel as a promotional expense.

"By sponsoring the Lower Hillsians, we never have to send out a scout for the perfect backdrop," said Weather Channel anchor Jim Cantore. "And if they get washed out to sea its no great loss, is it?"

Once the park is settled in its new storm blighted area, it will become the base, once again, for their top rated show, Storm Stories. Park residents enjoy the change of scenery and do not mind the endless labrynth of cables and wires the channel brings to their lots.

"They sure do have a lot of stuff make the T.V. program I tell you," commented a gummy mouthed Mildred Lundquist, aged fifty-five. "Course sometimes things get misplaced - haven't seen my teeth around her have you?"

Future plans for the nomads include relocating to Kansas just in time for Tornado season.