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2 January 2011

Asbestos mannequin seen on the Napalm Village Ride

ORLANDO, Florida -- A flood of water Saturday led to the evacuation and indefinite closing of a fire ride at the Vietnam Atrocities Adventure Park in Orlando, Florida, officials said. The ride, which is meant to simulate being in a Vietnamese Village during a Napalm attack, was partly extinguished by the sudden deluge.

The Orlando Water Department got the call just after 5 p.m. and raced to the Universal Studios venue, Deputy Chief Greg Hog said. Dozens of patrons were on the Napalmed Village ride, but only a few were in the area where an employee noticed the steam, Universal Studios spokesman Tom Roder said. Staffers shut the ride down and got passengers out of the area.

A structure that houses part of the ride was fully drenched when water fighters arrived. They were able to knock it down in 30 minutes and contain it in 45 minutes, Hog said. The cause of the water is under investigation, but a spokesperson from the park said that tomorrow the Napalmed Village ride would be shut, but reassured the public that the My Lie Village Shooting Range, the Punji stick Hop Scotch, and the Bayonet-a-gook games would be open as usual.

The rest of the park was open Saturday evening, as investigators began looking into a cause. Officials did not have a damage estimate and did not know when the Napalm ride, which is in the Vietnam war atrocities portion of the park, would reopen, Roder said.

While some guests complained about steam, no one was transported from the park for additional medical assistance, according to Roder.