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12 December 2007

This is meant to be vodka?!

Cardiff, Wales - An advertising watchdog has rejected 21 complaints about a commercial which featured a Welsh team getting a question right in a quiz show.

Complainants said the advert for Welsh firm Brecon Carreg vodka presented Welsh people as of high intelligence.

It showed a woman called Mrs Jones answering the question “what is the capital of Wales?” correctly, before a voiceover that said: "That's not what you'd expect from Wales". To keep up with a proper representation of the Welsh nation however, several answers were banded around the team before the correct answer was chosen. One other team member, Mr Jones first shouted out the letter W. On being told “clever, but we are really looking for a city” he then responded “oh sorreeee, I meant Wrexham!”

After the voiceover says "Now that's not what you'd expect from Wales", a bottle of the vodka is shown against the background of running water. The voiceover continues: "And neither that Rhydian twat on the X-Factor just now but people still like it. Our vodka’s the same. It may be Welsh, it may be shit, but it’s the best we’ve got!"

The Broadcast Advertising Authority (Baa), which had worked with the makers on the commercial, said it believed the message was purposely mocking and cheeky to appeal to English viewers who are the primary advertising targets, but that it did not breach the code. “We sincerely apologise to anyone who found or took offence to this particular commercial. I know the Welsh have been thinking an awful lot of themselves since devolution and the formation of the Welsh Assembly and this probably doesn’t help things at all.”