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Unpoetia logo.jpg Poetry for people who hate poetry
Thorny bushes greet me
As I stand among your roses
With my heavy breaths I speedily wilt
Wilting, waiting; waiting and wilting
My soul cries out for your Eau aip Ods
The odor of Ods, your mother's sister's brother's cousin
Though you know me not, I know your lot
I breathe in and out, yearning in my sin
Yearning, wanting; wanting and yearning
My soul cries out for your fragile heart
The thorns, they play games
With my heart, hands, and phallus
They hurt me so
Bleeding, swearing; swearing and cursing
My soul cries out for your Eau aip Ods
I knew when you looked at me betwixt the doors of love
(Or maybe it was market, or some obscure dark alley)
As my knife gripped my hand and my hand gripped it back
I whiffed and I
FUCK! A thorn bit me! God damn fucking thing
I'll kill its whole family, and to its little friends the same!
Oh, my dear woman, as I yearn for your Eau
This fucking thorn does to me what I'd like to you: poke
My soul cries out for your Eau aip Ods
Oh dear, sweet whatsername, I surely can no longer resist
Though you lay with your husband, it's me you want to be with
I peer into your room, and OH MY GOD, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!
Dear Lord, what a whore,
What an absolute skank
To think I'm yearning, wanting;
Wilting, waiting, as my soul cries for her Eau aip Ods.
Bitch led me on good, had me going for a while
She smiled at me on line, filled my throat with pure bile
She said "Is this your cabbage?" and it was then that I knew
I'd be with her forever, but it was ruined by YOU!
Yes I'm pointing to you, vague pronoun that I accuse
You took her away, and I'm just
Yearning, wanting; wanting and yearning
Wilting, waiting; waiting and wilting
My soul cries out for your Eau aip Ods
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