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The potato is the symbol of Uncyclopedia. It signifies mental softness and dead Irishmen.

“The humor is so great! Only a shitty person won't enjoy it.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Uncyclopedia

“Comedy is indeed the thing of this website.”

~ Steve Jobs on Uncyclopedia

Uncyclopedia' is a satirical website trying to show everyone how the world is really like. For example, Wikipedia is not good, Confucius is not wise, the Bible is not right, etc.


At first, the Greeks tried to change the world by making an organization that would tell their satirical opinions to the public. In 295 BCE, a group of Greek people made an organization that would spread satire around the known world at that time called Uncyclopedia (sorry, there were no encyclopedias back then. However, because of a lack of democracy, the Uncyclos were put to death.

In 1900, Oscar Wilde thought of spreading satirical ideas and jokes somehow. This is why Uncyclopedians really like him. Sadly, Oscar Wilde died shortly after.

In 2005, Uncyclopedia was made by some random Oscar Wilde fan who wanted to fulfill Oscar Wilde's dream.


Uncyclopedia was made for satirical and comedic purposes. It has irreligious articles that say religion is bad. It also has many jokes inside it. People from all around the world use it.

Things Uncyclopedians Like

  • Oscar Wilde.
  • Satire.
  • Comedy.

Things Uncyclopedians Hate

  • Pokemon.
  • Confucius.
  • Religion (especially Confucianism).
  • People without comedic taste.

The Future of Uncyclopedia

Uncyclopedia will fall with all of humanity, which means Uncyclopedia will fall when humans go extinct. That will be somewhere in 2110, according to Frank Fenner. Until then, more articles will be on Uncyclopedia.

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