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how do you ask a QUEstions herE???
Star1.png In Asking Questions - Asked by Phil_E - 47 answers - 2 minutes ago


Anybody want to contribute a Fucking Stupid (c) Question?
Star1.png In Asking Questions - Asked by PrettyGirl7816280.5 - 1 answer - 4 minutes ago


looking for EmO girlfriend age 12-14!!!!!!
Star1.png In Food and Drink - Asked by 発音糞エッチする - 9001 answers - 4 minutes ago


Ok ,so i got this first degree Burn and i was wondering if it was going to leave a scar.
Star1.png In Beauty & Style - Asked by Your Friendly Neighbourhood Milkman - 0 answers - 5 minutes ago

X logo.png

Have you ever met anyone named Fred?
Star1.png In Pregnancy - Asked by Dominic Dudley - 17290 answers - 6 minutes ago


Star1.png In Consumer Electronics - Asked by CoolKid22639grade8nextyear! - 4 answers - 8 minutes ago

Filipina hottie.jpg
I'm 14 and there is a hot older woman across the street.
Star1.png In Relationships - Illegal Actions - Asked by hotandhornyfucker14/M/AK - -2 answers - 8 minutes ago


Would Assman win a fight against Penisman?
Star1.png In Family & Relationships - Asked by Seamus O'Malley - 42 answers - 9 minutes ago

X logo.png

Why does brown stuff come out of my bottom every morning?
Star1.png In Religion & Spirituality - Asked by NaturalBornKielbasa - 3 answers - 9 minutes ago


i cant fine ths sight topix/sorum/city/doniphan mo thqu40blvd6exnjeljy
Star1.png In Politics - Iceland - Asked by ghjkdagl;hgafyqwfehgawbkyljwbkhekgft - 1 answer - 11 minutes ago

Baby crying closeup.jpg
Wut is sex and can i hav sum exampuls er wutever?
Star1.png In Education - Asked by CoolKid75 - 1 answer - 12 minutes ago

Where is my g spot im a guy someone help me find it
Star1.png In Travel - Asked by DrThumpofskiPhDMD - 2 answers - 14 minutes ago

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