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Obviously all Admins on Uncyclopedia are Rank; this goes without saying. However, recent historical research by the Uncyclomedia Foundation has revealed that due to some obscure passage in the Magna Carta, the Bill of Rights and the Act of Parliament that created the Royal Air Force, or a combination of the three with the existence of the Order of Uncyclopedia means that all Admins (and registered users) are actually Officers of the British Army (or, for the yanks, USAF or USMC)

It should be noted that users are advised against trying to exercise their power in this respect, as the army remains oblivious of the legal loophole. Should they discover it, there is a chance we will be dispatched to Guantanamo Bay, or worse still, Iraq.

Oddly enough, Order of Uncyclopedia Rank bears no relation to NATO rank.

Rank Table[edit]

NATO Code OF-10 OF-9 OF-8 OF-7 OF-6 OF-5 OF-4 OF-3 OF-2 OF-1 OF-D- Student Officer
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom UK-Army-OF10.gif UK-Army-OF9.gif UK-Army-OF8.gif UK-Army-OF7.gif UK-Army-OF6.gif UK-Army-OF5.gif UK-Army-OF4.gif UK-Army-OF3.gif UK-Army-OF2.gif UK-Army-OF1a.gif UK-Army-OF1b.gif UK-Army-OF1c.gif UK-Army-OF1d.gif
Field Marshal1 General Lieutenant-General Major-General Brigadier Colonel Lieutenant-Colonel Major Captain Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Officer Designate Officer Cadet

Gen. of Air Force1 Gen. General Lt. General Maj. Gen. Brig. Gen. Colonel Lt. Colonel Major Captain 1st Lieutenant 2nd Lieutenant Staff Sergeant Airman

General of the Army1 General Lieutenant General Major General Brigadier General Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Major Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Staff Sergeant Private First Class
Uncyclopedia Insignia UC-Army-OF10.jpg UC-Army-OF9.jpg UC-Army-OF8.jpg UC-Army-OF7.jpg UC-Army-OF6.jpg UC-Army-OF4-5.jpg UC-Army-OF4-5.jpg UC-Army-OF3.jpg UC-Army-OF2.jpg UC-Army-OF1a.jpg UC-Army-OF1b.jpg UC-Army-OF1c.jpg UC-Army-OF1d.jpg
Uncyclopedia Rank Sophia Oscar Wilde Chronarion That Guy Bureaucrat Top Secret Censored Admin (Sysop) Admin Candidate Huffer First Class Huffer Private User Registered Users
Abbreviation FM Gen Lt-Gen Maj-Gen Brig Col Lt-Col Maj Capt Lt 2nd Lt OD OCdt
  • 1 Currently honorary/wartime rank only.


Officers can promote or demote subordinates as they see fit upto the rank immediately below their rank, excepting that some promotions and Demotions (for instance, to Admin or Major) occur through other means; for example, Uncyclopedia:VFS. Example: an Admin can promote a user to Lieutenant (although they need not nominate for admin), a Bureaucrat can in addition Promote a Major to a Colonel if (s)he see fit.

In order to notify a user of their promotion, use the template Template:Notice of Promotion and place it on their talk page. This will create documentation of promotion which may then be pasted anywhere else it is needed.

Senority within a Rank[edit]

Within a Rank, Seniority is based upon the Date of Commision; that is, the date (s)he registered on Uncyclopedia. Even if someone was only recently promoted, if they registered before you they have senority over you. This is of course highly unfair.

NATO Rank[edit]

One of the quirks inevitably produced by this scheme is that all Registered Users are now part of the NATO standard rank scale. This could be especially interesting if, for example, a Captain in the US Army were to outrank many of their superiors through dint of writing about Kitten Huffing on the Interweb. This has yet to be resolved...


(for non-admins, Captain and lower)



Second Lieutenant[edit]

Officer Designate/Staff Sergeant[edit]

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