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October 10: Not-for-turning Day, International Day of No Underwear

  • 1582 - Pope Gregory XIII implements the Gregorian calendar. While not wearing any underwear. Pope Gregory announced that turning is immoral.
  • 1807 - Canada defeats The Pirate Nation in the Canadian-Pirate War. Canada turns a new leaf even though they're not supposed to turn...
  • 1815 - Napoleon I of France begins his exile on St. Helena in the Atlantic Ocean. He forgets to pack any underwear. When it was his turn to attack, he refused, stating his famous cathphrase, "Turning will give you herpes."
  • 1955 - Jimi Hendrix is spawned from Buddy Holly's guitar and a rum-and-coke while illegal turning on the New Jersey Turnpike.
  • 1975 - USA leads asearch for a man named "Charlie" in Vietnam.
  • 1980 - Margaret Thatcher declares that she is not for turning, despite the best attempts of pro-turning lobbyists.
  • 1995 - Underwear outlawed in Paris. Riots ensue. Jim Morrision turns in his grave.
  • 2006 - North Korea tests nukes. In response, America builds comsat stations; Iran upgrades zealots; Afghanistan makes turning weapons that have no use.
  • 2015 - George Bush dies. He died from a serious case of turning.
  • 2015 - Al Gore is arrested for the turning of an undisclosed ex-politician