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This is the Uncyclopedia Stock Exchange.


Here in the Uncyclopedia Stock Exchange (otherwise knwon as USX), we sell and buy shares. We are a stock market. No-commissions trading day every Tuesday. Shares updated every Saturday.

Each share costs the same as the share listed (for example, a share of XXX Corp. costs $30, but in thye next week it costs $21) plus a commission fee of $8. Shares can go either up or down, so if you lost all of the money, you're fucked.

Stock Exchange (USX Index)[edit]


  • SPSD- Space Pirates Software Development (Symbol for vote.svg Up at 93.45 by 6.12 from 87.33)
  • CBK- Central Bank (Symbol for vote.svg Up at 42.30 by 1.07 from 41.23)
  • SCLS- Squeaky Clean Laundering Service (Symbol neutral vote.svg Steady at 20.00)
  • GTTS- Goa Tse Temple and Store (Symbol neutral vote.svg Steady at 23.12)
  • HYP- HYPERiON Technologies (Symbol for vote.svg Up at 15.67 by 5.67 from 10.00)
  • MSWS- Merc Squadron War Surplus Store (Symbol for vote.svg Up at 30.00 by 2.50)

Exchange Rates[edit]

  • UNSOC Valjuta (Symbol delete vote.svg Down at 1.29451 - 1 Wilde)
  • Yoinxx ((Symbol for vote.svg Up at 38.30813 - 1 Wilde)
  • U.S. Dollar (Symbol delete vote.svg Down at 2.18392 - 1 Wilde)
  • Credits (Symbol for vote.svg Up at 84160.03822 - 1 Wilde)


18/4/2010- We are suffering inflation rates at 2000% due to the Goa Tse Clan Party in power planning to stop financial crisis.

Listing requirements[edit]

To hvae a business in this stock exchange:

  • Your business must have an owner that earns more than $40 (☺$400,000/400 Valjuta)
  • Your business must have a bank account

Listing Requests[edit]

Get your company listed in the stock exchange now! Shares change every Saturday!