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Space Pirates Software Development is a Dotcom business that develops computer software, does technical support via a help desk, writes user documentation, does database design, and does consulting for other businesses to design web pages, edit Wiki sites and articles, and create software and provide computer services as well. Now offers the Blastar themed Software and Hardware for sale.

Orion Blastar founded the company on July 14, 2009 with $50M stock investment and offshored most of the work to the Thailand office to save on costs. Using high tech from 4096AD Mr. Blastar is able to reduce costs and develop technology that is almost impossible for other technology companies. The Space Pirate Software Development bank account is here.


Payday is every Friday.

Orion Blastar CEO and Senior Programmer/Analyst no salary yet until we start to sell some things.


(PLEASE NOTE: Prices are quoted in Wildes and U.S. dollars. Sorry, Valjuta cannot be accepted.)



Services available upon request:
Web Site Development

Software Design

Software Debugging

Database Administration

Help Desk

Technical Support

Wiki editing and help

Software for sale:

BlastarOS 1.0 $30

BlastarTax 1.0 $10

BlastarMoney 1.0 $10

BlastarBooks 1.0 Accounting Software $75

BlastarWorks 1.0 $20

BlastarOffice 1.0 $45

Blastar Web Browser 1.0 $5

Blastar Email Client 1.0 $5

Blastar AntiVirus 1.0 $15 per year

BlastarTunes 1.0 Free but $10 upgrade to BlastarTunes Pro (Pro version has advanced Features like CD ripping and Jukebox options) allows access to wide variety of music for $1/download and movies/TV shows for $2/download

Hardware for sale:
All hardware uses BlastMorph technology to change color and shape to the user's specification. Take that Apple and Steve Jobs!

Blastar Cell Phone 1.0 $20 with $5/month talkplan from Blastar Cellular min 1 year commitment

BlastarPod 1.0 Music and Video/Movie hand held player $35

BlastarPod Touch 1.0 like BlastarPod but with a touch screen $50

BlastarPodPhone 1.0 Music and Video/Movie phone with a touch screen $65 with $10/month talkplan and dataplan from Blastar Cellular min 1 year commitment

Blastartosh PC $100 includes BlastarOS 1.0 and Blaster Web Browser and Blastar Email Client, keyboard, mouse, and stereo speakers, but not a monitor. 3.0 Ghz Quad Core Blastarian Processor, 3Gigs RAM, 500Gig hard drive, DVD-RW drive.

Blastartosh LCD Monitor 15" $20

Blastartosh LCD Monitor 17" $35

Blastartosh LCD Monitor 21" $50

Blastartosh POS (Point of Sale) Cash Register $35 includes a 9" Black and White LCD monitor, but can be replaced with a different monitor. Only a Single Core 2.0 Ghz Blastarian processor, 1Gig of RAM, and 40Gig hard drive.

Blastar Commodore 64 Emulator 1.0 $10 (Includes C64 ROM and 30 C64 game ROMS)
Commodore 64 Emulator

Blastar Amiga Emulator 1.0 $20 (Includes Kickstart ROMs and 30 ADF Game disks)

Blastar Macintosh Emulator 1.0 $35 (Includes Mac OSX emulation to run modern Mac software)

Blastar Windows XP Emulator 1.0 $35 (Includes Windows XP in a virtual machine)

Blastar BeOS Haiku Edition Emulator 1.0 $35 (BeOS 5.X compatible and HaikuOS compatible)

BlastarBox VirtualMachine 1.0 can create a virtual machine of almost any operating system requires the CD/DVD or ISO image of the Operating System install disk $25

Anything Else[edit]

Pirate and Ninja services offered to the highest bidder.
Star Wars Lightsabers $1000 each please specify color and crystal used. Lightsaber training available at an additional cost.
Other weapons and equipment under development.