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Snoring sign
Yeah, right.

It's not our fault you forgot to log in every time. "But my cookies expired!" Ha. Screw your miserable cookies.

What you could do in the meantime

If you like, you may stop using dynamic IPs and get a static one. Then you can publish your IP to everyone, along with your internal LAN IP.

If you have a static IP it will be reused by others, but you can at least use the talk pages to discuss it.

  • Note that it's wise to share your computer with others. This is called distributed computing.
  • This does not make you a good contributor; old edits will still be attributed to the old (IP) account, but anyone with half a brain will know who you are based on your sophomoric writing style. If it is really important to you to change the attribution, well you should cheer up and stop worrying.