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Joe the Burninator, Cute Zekrom, and anyone they appoint to help are the only ones who need to be editing this template.

(If Tagstit, SysRq, Why do I need to provide this? or Gerry return to the active list, they're welcome to do so).
Colonizer Score Rank Last Colonization
Joe9320 12 AHEAD Dinosaur
Why do I need to provide this? 6 H SAG Dinosaur
Sockpuppet of an unregistered user 15 FCPT Dinosaur
Fredd The Mahmauscher 8 GLIEU Science fiction
PuppyOnTheRadio 7 GLIEU Dinosaur
Miley Spears 6 H SAG Science fiction
Happytimes 6 H SAG Dinosaur
Aleister in Chains 5 H SAG Dinosaur
Nameable 4 H SAG Bruce Wayne
Matt lobster 4 H SAG Dinosaur
Binky The WonderSkull 3 H SAG Discordianism
Striker2117 3 H SAG Science fiction
DougalthePanda 3 H SAG Science fiction
Grumblegrump 2 H SAG Discordianism
Maniac1075 2 H SAG Science fiction
HELPME 2 H SAG Science fiction
Lyrithya 2 H SAG Dinosaur
Rifting 1 H SAG Bruce Wayne
Magic man 1 H SAG Dinosaur
Simsilikesims 0 IMON
Shabidoo 0 IMON
Leoispotter 0 IMON
Scofield 0 IMON
Electrified mocha chinchilla 0 IMON
Black flamingo11 0 IMON
Xamralco 0 IMON
Roozie 0 IMON
NoNamesLeft 0 IMON
Qzekrom 0 BGEN
Fishalishalish 0 IMON