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Add your own logos for namespace consideration. Images should be 152 pixels wide by 132 pixels high, with the logo centered in the image. Potatoes are for the moment not a required element but they are highly recommended.




I don;t particularly like either of them. But then again, I have IE so i'll never have to ser them. Idk, I'm thinking maybe potato skin scrolls, or like two people using potatoes as phones... Something like that... HOMESTAR ME!!! TURTLE ME!!! t o m p k i n s  blah. ﺞوﻦ וףה ՃՄ ண்ஸ ފއހ วอฏม +տ trade websites 19:31, 26 February 2006 (UTC)
I like the second one by $ very much.--Rataube 18:50, 5 March 2006 (UTC)
I'd agree that the one that's being implemented right now is the best. HOMESTAR ME!!! TURTLE ME!!! t o m p k i n s  blah. ﺞوﻦ וףה ՃՄ ண்ஸ ފއހ วอฏม +տ trade websites 18:53, 5 March 2006 (UTC)
Implemented? Why can't I see it, I see the regular logo at the Forum pages :(--Rataube 18:58, 5 March 2006 (UTC)
What browser do you use? I used to use IE and the only logo I could see on any page, but I switched to FireFox and now I can see all of them. HOMESTAR ME!!! TURTLE ME!!! t o m p k i n s  blah. ﺞوﻦ וףה ՃՄ ண்ஸ ފއހ วอฏม +տ trade websites 18:59, 5 March 2006 (UTC)
Here's what Splarka told me to do:
  1. Go here
  2. Refresh
  3. Go to Forum:Village Dump.
Worked a charm. --Sir Mon€¥$ignSTFU [email protected]|PLS|UotM 19:05, 5 March 2006 (UTC)
Yeah... erm... how? ~ Ghelæ talkcontribs 17:30, 30 April 2006 (UTC)
Erm... How what? --Sir Mon€¥$ignSTFU [email protected]|PLS|UotM 17:34, 30 April 2006 (UTC)
Erm... Good point. Oh-oh, oh - what is what you said supposed to do? And how would you/one/someone do that? ~ Ghelæ talkcontribs 17:37, 30 April 2006 (UTC)
It's supposed to work a charm. More specifically, make the different logos for the seperate namespaces appear correctly... But after trying this in Internet Explorer, I must say: it doesn't work... So, if you're using IE (like a good Microslave), I suggest you break free and head for the FireFoxian sanctuary... --Sir Mon€¥$ignSTFU [email protected]|PLS|UotM 17:47, 30 April 2006 (UTC)
Ok... ~ Ghelæ talkcontribs 17:48, 30 April 2006 (UTC)
IT WORKS IT WORKS IT WORKS ON IE NOW! ~ Ghelæ talkcontribs 11:15, 18 June 2006 (UTC)
Yah, I simplified the css for namespace logos yesterday. Before it had an attribute selector (body[class="ns-##"]) but I changed it to just directly reference the body class (body.ns-##). --Splaka 04:49, 19 June 2006 (UTC)





  • I guess this is the place to put these... Assuming this namespace ever amounts to anything, I thought I'd throw these up here for consideration. If it doesn't, please delete.  c • > • cunwapquc? 22:40, 27 February 2006 (UTC)
  • Although the above logos fit in with the general scheme of similar namespace logos I'd like to see a version of the dark "Making Up Quotes" image that you (Some User} originally did for the section. -- Sir Mhaille Icons-flag-gb.png (talk to me)
See above. But is this for the top-left square? You don't think that would be too, I dunno, jarring?  c • > • cunwapquc?
  • I was thinking more like ... a speech bubble containing only a closing/end doublequote mark, where it looks like the speech bubble has been ripped apart and stuck back together with duct tape maybe ... or else whatever looks most like WikiQuote's logo ... but it doesn't seem very funny. --Nerd42eMailTalkUnMetaWPediah2g2 17:17, 2 March 2006 (UTC)


Uncyclopedia talk:

  • FOR!!! Just to piss Splarka off. <3 --KATIE!! 20:12, 22 January 2006 (UTC)
  • For I love them, specially the talk one, the puzzle inside the puzzle suits perfectly!--Rataube 01:07, 24 January 2006 (UTC)
  • For the talk version--Da, Y?YY?YYY?:-:CUN3 NotM BLK |_LG8+::: 02:39, 24 January 2006 (UTC)
  • For both. --officer designate Club symbol.png Lugiatm Club symbol.png MUN NS CM ZM WH 18:05, 25 January 2006 (UTC)


*At the moment, I would opt for NewspaperD (but that could change to E) --Sir Mon€¥$ignSTFU [email protected]|PLS|UotM 10:35, 22 January 2006 (UTC)

Forgot to change my vote, didn't I? Potato is now my favourite. And there's only 1 version, too! --Sir Mon€¥$ignSTFU [email protected]|PLS|UotM 18:58, 23 January 2006 (UTC)
  • I wholeheartedly agree with ¥. Except for changing to E. Cause that one sucks. (Well, it does still suck, but I still agree with ¥. KATIE!! 19:30, 23 January 2006 (UTC)) --KATIE!! 20:12, 22 January 2006 (UTC)

*Agree, D is the best. --—rc (t) 05:23, 23 January 2006 (UTC)

  • Definitely Potato Globe now. Freaking great. --—rc (t) 19:08, 23 January 2006 (UTC)
  • Uhm, I think I like "B", actually. "D" is too short. *(Runs away to avoid being smacked with a rolled-up "D")* --T. (talk) 12:07, 23 January 2006 (UTC)
The potato globe is my new favourite. Good size, great colour scheme, continuity with the main logo... just well executed. Bravo.  :) --T. (talk) 15:25, 23 January 2006 (UTC)


For Unbookslogo.jpg Uncyclopedian 02:57, 13 July 2006 (UTC)


Hope sb. is going to look here soon.. and I hope It'll be used :) --Necykloverzita.pngRáďa(talk), Necykloverzita's ambassador 18:55, 11 December 2008 (UTC)

Misc extra

Mostly to keep them from being deleted